Damnit, Joe, we’re talking about hockey. (x)

Joe fucking up. 

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He doesn’t indiscriminately kill random characters.

He intentionally and deliberately kills characters for whom it makes sense to die.

An unusual amount of characters die in his books because most writers won’t commit to realism enough to do the same.

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PKarla: “In first 4 days of VBS registration, 60 spots filled up.”

Catie: *gasp* “We’re like Justin Bieber! Except he was 4 minutes, not days.”

Me: “And millions of people…”

Catie: “oh… Right.”


love of my life: evgeni malkin (2013-2014)

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Real Life Underwater Fantasy Shoot in Bali by Benjamin Von Wong

7 Divers, 2 Models and 1 Underwater Shipwreck – Dive underwater with Benjamin Von Wong for an epic photoshoot.

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 Evgeni Malkin 

queermalfoys Another shot of him looking very pleased with his previous oral work or getting ready for some more.

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I present to you, Bucky Barnes wearing a Hitler t shirt.

Poe = Hitler Never more…



I present to you, Bucky Barnes wearing a Hitler t shirt.


Poe = Hitler
Never more…

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somebody stop this man

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Embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. Eventually they’re going to be the only things separating you from everyone else.-Sebastian Stan

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People can choose between being good and evil. He didn’t have a choice. He didn’t have free will. He was made to be evil, but he’s not a villain. Bucky was as much a victim as the people the Winter Soldier killed. 

Not only that, it’s not like he was treated well either. He wasn’t some petted and favored assassin. He was abused. Horribly so. So not only does he not have free will and not only is he used for evil against his will and without his knowledge, he’s abused, imprisoned and dehumanized on top of it. And he doesn’t even have the free will to hate.

If we’re looking for one of the most mistreated, tragic figures in comics, Bucky is it.

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As an unknown actor in the early ’50s, Paul Newman fought to play Hal Carter, the lead role in William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize–winning play Picnic. But the director wasn’t convinced Newman’s physique was fit enough for Hal, who appears naked from the waist up in most of his scenes. Eventually, Newman worked his way up to the from a supporting role, garnering critical acclaim and jump-starting his legendary acting career. Fast forward sixty years later to another relatively unknown actor, Sebastian Stan, a Romanian import best known for stint as Sigourney Weaver’s son in Political Animals and his supporting role in Captain America: The First Avenger. Like Newman, Stan was gunning for the lead in Captain America, but he was offered the role of the hero’s comparatively less-buff sidekick instead. Judging from the current state of his six-pack abs, however, he clearly didn’t have any trouble convincing director Sam Gold that he was ripped enough for Picnic’s Hal. x

At first glance, I died inside from pure joy-terror. And then thought… Hmmm Sebastian’s sausage? And died a little more. Thanks Rachel. You’re killing me.

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